INTERGALACTIC NAZI FUN TIME, Amsterdam, April 3 at Zonnehuis

Some words rarely to be seen in the same sentence, but concerning a serious and fascinating issue nonetheless; that of the Super Secret Space Nazis (SSSN).

If you are not familiar with Operation Paperclip maybe you might want to find out about that first.

Are Nazis traveling through space like right now??!

Did technology from crashed UFO’s fall into the hands of the Super Secret Space Nazis????

Are we being left behind on planet Earth with rising fuel prices while the Space Nazis go crazy with zero-point and cold-fusion in gravity defying flying machines?????!!!

Are we living on a prison planet run by the Super Secret Space Nazis?????!!!!

With guests Richard C Hoagland, Peter Levenda, Timothy Good and Richard Dolan.

Listen to the guest speakers on Red Ice Radio

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