Contemporary Incidental Accumulation of Particles

Arte Colder (ex-participant) is showing at Lokaal 01 within the project Contemporary Incidental Accumulation of Particles.

An accumulation. Of visual art and literature. Of contemporary and incidental particles. Of makers, methods and spaces. Of beliefs, inclinations and personalities. Of moral and more informal questions Of students and experienced artists. Of conversations and interventions. For you, from us.

‘Contemporary Incidental Accumulation of Particles’ is an exhibition project which is in a constant state of flux, consisting of an accumulation of 4 presentations. These

4 presentations will come about in direct and continual collaboration with 14 visual artists. These artists will convert all kinds of informal components (intrinsic information, materials, oeuvres, axes and perspectives) into an exhibition period, creating an (un)certain order.

The first 2 acts of the exhibition project serve to get to know the artists, in their many capacities, through means of their work: the very autonomous and the more publicly orientated, the visual thinker next to the more reflective, the utopists next to the realists. The artists and their oeuvres can be seen as the ‘particles’ in the title.

In part 3 the artists will enter into a dialogue and through collaboration arrive at a common framework.

Writer ELS MOORS will take care of part 4. At the conclusion, she will, in a literary way, give form to the entire project, by means of a publication that will appear in English and Dutch. Whether that will be a novel, a poem, an essay, computer poetry or something else entirely… in her text she will allow herself to be guided by the development of the project itself.

Literature was the source of inspiration for this project. A quotation of Tolstoy was almost literally introduced into visual art. And at the end of the project visual art will also give rise to literature.

“Science says: You are that which you call your life; you are a temporary, incidental accumulation of particles. The mutual interaction and alteration of these particles produces in you something you refer to as your life. This accumulation can only survive for a limited length of time; when the interaction of these particles ceases, that which you call life will cease bringing an end to all your questions.”

(Leo Tolstoy, ‘A confession and other religious writings’, 1987, originally 1879)

Pictures from the second part that opened on 30 March

Arte Colder

Paul Geelen

Arte Colder

Arte Colder


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