How to improvise on a symposium?

This question becomes practice during an ongoing event at ExtraCity, Antwerp from 17 to 20 April 2012. Participants of the master courses of St. Lucas, Artesis, and AKV/St. Joost work together in finding out what “symprovising” could be.

Let’s approach reflection through improvising. Trying to reflect and work on the spot: à l’improviste. By using skills, work, prcedures, ideas, texts, inventions and coincidence.

Please join in the closure of this experiment at ExtraCity:
Friday April 20th, 13.00 – 15.00 hours, starting and ending with lunch.

With: Kasper Bosmans, Elsbeth Ciesluk, Remy Habets, Pim Kersten, Theodora Kotsi, Saori Kuno, Raphael Langmair, Tanya Long, Piotr Piskozub, Nelleke Schiere, Anna Stergiou, Timothy Van de Laar.
Advisors: Nico Dockx, Erik Hagoort, Bas van den Hurk

Many thanks to: ExtraCitySalon 2060

Have a look at some “symprovisations” here:
Remy Habets, “Piece of me, 1” at ExtraCity, Antwerp, 19-4-2012.
Remy Habets, “Piece of me, 2” at ExtraCity, Antwerp, 19-4-2012.
Video: Raphael Langmair

Remy Habets, Piece of me at ExtraCity, Antwerp, 19-4-2012

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