ReConverse #3

On November 10 the exhibition ‘Friends’ as a part of ReConverse #3 will open.

ReConverse #3 is a free culture festival and hosts Fine Arts, Film, Dance, Music, .. in a crossover weekend where young talent is shown.

Daan Gielis and Sara Bomans are the curators for the fine arts exhibition with Karl Philips, Tom Vanuytrecht, Twan Kerckhofs, Wim van der Celen, Daan Gielis, Joke Hansen, Manu Engelen, Robin Foesters, Brecht Koelman, Sam van Gils (NL), Derek van der Vinne (CAN), Gijs van Lith (NL), Pim Kersten (NL), Arte Colder (NL), Sara Bomans, Sakeb Haque, Stefan Peeters, Jago Bens, Arnold Wittenberg, Lien Hillen, Steven Manes en Reg Carremans

More info here


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