INexactly THIS – Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents,   MFA AKV/ST. JOOST at Kunstvlaai 2012
November 23–December 2, 2012
Opening: November 23, 3–11pm
(former) Sint Nicolaas Lyceum
Prinses Irenestraat 21
Hours: Wednesday–Thursday 3–9pm; Friday–Sunday 12–9pm. Check http://www.kunstvlaai.nl for updated news.
MFA AKV/ST. JOOST at Kunstvlaai 2012
Erik Boker / Daan Gielis / Eleni-Myrsini Gogou / Soo Hie Kim / Giorgos Kontis / Gijs van Lith / Tramaine de Senna / Una Björk Sigudardittir / Derek van der Vinne

‘Shapes, Shifts & Sheeps’
Amongst three “legs” of loosely divided categorical presentation, students at MFA AKV St Joost present an ever-shifting exhibition of works, mini-symposia, performances, and film. A raised stage will serve as a representation of a gallery space itself, merging wall, pedestal, table, and floor into one.
The stage serves as a platform of presentation, a place for collaboration, and discourse – a comfortable environment for socializing…a home, your home – and a revolving door open to outside contributors and collaborations. Within overlapping three-day increments or “legs,” which constitute larger conceptual frames – the white cube, theory, and performance – there is a daily changing display of works and proposals by the nine participants. Each transition of a “leg” is not necessarily divisive, but in dialogue with the one previous and the next to come, where the framework is not rigid, but flexing, breathing, in motion.

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