review Recreëren with Bas Schevers

Former participant Bas Schevers (NL) made the exhibition ‘Recreëren’ together with Hedwig Houben (NL) at Kunsthuis SYB.

Hedwig Houben and Bas Schevers have worked together in the past, but never found the time and space to engage in a dialogue, about the subject that drives them both and leads them to many conscious and subconscious choices regarding their work, with each other. In SYB, they finally have the opportunity to query each other in a collective creative process for six weeks. To start with, they both choose one element from a piece on the condition that this element has slipped into their work and unintentionally determined its identity. The artist will call this element a ‘frame’, a tool. The frame offers a context, a starting point. From there, everything is open.

The review, only in dutch, can be found here

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