Close MFA St. Joost – St. Lucas Encounter at WOLKE, Brussels 22 November 2013

A day of encounter between St. Joost and St. Lucas MFA participants to exchange thoughts, to discuss themes concerning our work and interests, and to create possibilities for future collaborations.

We started the conversations with this quote in mind:
“There must be no tyranny in conversation, let everyone have their share and have the right to speak.”
Madeleine de Scudéry, Conversations sur divers sujets, 1680.

20131122_Brussel 22 november_8626Intuitively 5 groups were formed, along common interests, starting conversations triggered by objects, poems or first-hand impressions.
20131122_Brussel 22 november_8630Talks were stimulating and going on for 1 up till 4 hours, up till a never ending exchange of thoughts, with soup and curry rice.

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