practicing Paul Ryan’s THREEING

Paul Ryan himself called his practice of THREEING “the best invention since the Bread Slicing Machine”.
( interview with him at the Documenta 13:

The only way to find out, was to try it ourselves. And so we did.
with firstness, secondness, and thirdness.
with impulse, resistance, and mediation.

Katherina, Dimitrios, and Maarten:
took turns in nailing one another to the wall, assembling furniture and commenting with photoprints.
Here is an impression taken by chance of their Threeing:

kati maarten 1 maartenHere is an impression taken by chance of Threeing by Laleh, Mohadeseh and Alexandros:
They took turns in pulling, balancing, and rolling themselves in a 30 metres linnen band.

moh lalehlaleh downTyas, Danni, and Maud:
took turns in drawing, first by drawing several times out of impulse and reaction, and then looking for patterns.
Yukari, Erik, and Paulina:
took turns in walking, running, and falling, and ended up in trying to make sense of non-conversation.

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