Let Gooooo – Middelburg NL

Giorgos Kontis, graduate of our master program, has a solo show at ruimte CAESUUR in Middelburg.

Opening : Saturday March 22nd at 16.00.                                                                         The exhibition will run until May 3rd, and it is curated by Just Quist.

teamCaesuur invites you at the opening of the exhibition of the painter Giorgos Kontis on Saturday March 22nd at 16.00. ”It is the first of a new series, in which we take an exhibition as a work in progress: we not only will show you the work of an artist in ruimteCaesuur, we also will let you witness the set-up of an exhibition, the way the artist is playing along with this space, the way the space itself has been established, and especially the way the work may take meaning in the artist’s hands in this space in front of the public, and to that we will appeal to your own imagination.We therefore will invite you during this exhibition to all sorts of activitites: a lecture, aperformance, a happening, a table-talk and so on.Fore this new series we’ve consigned everything to a curator, Just Quist, who too hasreshapen the space of ruimteCaesuuur in order to investigate the way meaning arises in a indefinite space by the interaction between artist, organizers, and public making visible the object of everybody’s imagination.”

Invitation CaesuurGiorgos Kontis:

“I was delighted to receive the invitation by Just Quist to participate in the ‘Let Gooooo’ project. What came along with this invitation were firstly enthusiasm, based on the challenge of how to deal with the exhibit of my work, and secondly anxiety, because of the numerous ways that this could possibly take place and the need to invent and propose a more personal way. How do we deal with the ‘painted image’ and how and what the exhibition of it could be? Could it be a workshop or a form of exhibiting of the whole process that leads to the painted image, rather than plainly the display of the latter?  My work is focused on painting and I see painting as a process whose outcome is what I like to call the painted image. The use and function of the painted image have become central in my contemplation on painting. How can it be displayed and how does it radiate itself? And more specifically in abstract painting: does it bear a religious hue, does it function as an Icon?  Regarding the concerns of my art practice and by the occasion of Just’s invitation I decided to focus on the dialogue that can be created between my work and the beautiful space of Ruimte Caesuur. Though, my ambition is this dialogue to take a more substantial character and through it the viewer to have the chance of an insight into my work and the questionings that surround it.”  G. kONTIS_CAESUUR_ Photo1-DOCfor more information :  http://giorgoskontis.com/   and  http://www.caesuur.nl/

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