Three Talks and a Conversation for Bucharest

A presentation of three researches from MFA AKV/St. Joost/The Netherlands

Venue: Make A Point
Date: Friday April 11
Time: 07.30 – 09.30pm
doors open at 07.00pm

Dimitris Rentoumis (GRE)
Paulina Mellado (CL)
Alexandros Kaklamanos (GRE)

Over the last two years three young international artists did research as part of the MFA program of AKV/St.Joost academy based in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

This Friday, on April 11th, they will present excerpts of these researches at Make A Point in Bucharest.

Dimitris Rentoumis will read a short story based on the myth of St. Denis and speak about ‘distance’ as a notion to consider the encounter between the artwork and the viewer.

Paulina Mellado will present her research on mimesis as a way of dealing with art, nature and landscape. She will question the relevance of mimesis today.

Alexandros Kaklamanos researched the idea of the ‘point zero’ in art. He will go into it’s recurring emergence in the last century.

After the talks, the artists will be joined by Romanian artist Ioana Gheorghiu. She’s invited as a moderator who will contextualize these researches within questions that are now relevant within the local art scene.

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