Building Up An Exhibition

The 2nd years MFA students will collaborate in a self-initiated project, that will run in Amsterdam this fall.

‘Building up an exhibition’ In collaboration between artist & curator As a group of artists coming from different backgrounds and countries we are getting together to create a dialogue about questions which we have in common. Is the exhibition an autonomous instrument for showing and sharing art? Or is it rather a dependent and “prepaid” device? Or does it offer a subjective and personal reading of the artwork? Asking these questions we are trying to gather a deeper understanding of the power of displaying work and the purpose of an exhibition. We intend to create questions, doubts and possibilities to think, instead of bringing about a statement. We enter this dialogue with collective exhibitions. While each one of us is working individually on his/her art practice and research one fundamental question reoccurs to us when it comes to presenting our artwork. As a group of artists we want to investigate the meaning and function of the exhibition. In de Slang we want to share and discuss our questions and thoughts with young curators and see our work in a new perspective/setting. The building up in combination with ongoing discussions is open to the public, which can be involved at some points. Being at the beginning of our careers we are constantly trying to place ourselves in the art world. The art world, and the view on art are constantly redefined and this opens up new fields where its protagonists, artists and curators, can act or are expected to act. Not always is this a choice made by the protagonists themselves. As artists our aim is to create our own art world in which art can be autonomous. With a collaboration between artist and curator during the opening of the exhibition, we would like to create a dialogue.
Dates: November 21 – 23, Opening Friday, November 21, 5 pm de Slang, Spuistraat 199, 1012 VN Amsterdam Participants: Maud OonkDanni van Amstel, Katrein Breukers, Giulia CenciKatherina HeilTyas Leeuwerink, Maarten Spons, Mohadeseh Rahimitabar
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