The Cucumber Temple – Expoplu Nijmegen opening feb 28 20.00 h


Danni van Amstel, Katrein Breukers,Tyas Leeuwerink, Maud Oonk, Mohadeseh Rahimitabar, Maarten Spons

Curator: Bas van den Hurk

A group of young artists, currently studying at the Master Fine Arts AKV / St. Joost, developed a concept which connects to the project ‘Tijd, Subject en Ruimte’ (Time, Subject and Space) of the Belgian artist Stijn van Dorpe, which was shown at Expo Plu, a dialogue with the text of Martijn in ‘t Veld is entered. This text is more than a beginning, middle and an end, rather, it is organic and rhizomatic along the lines of Mille Plateaux of Deleuze and Guattari. An organism, which grows, proliferates, of which the beginning and the end could be anywhere.

It is a text with different voices and rhythms, to which each artist individually sought rapprochement, where the text influences the exhibition and vice versa. The green screen from the text becomes a plane in which a moment of potential is present. It offers an open moment, it ‘performs’ an invitation.

The exhibition will be curated by Bas van den Hurk, tutor at the Master AKV/St. Joost. There will be a small publication alongside the exhibition.

more info here

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