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Bas van den Hurk, residency Los Angeles


MFA tutor Bas van den Hurk is currently on a two-month residency in Los Angeles, at 144 LaBrea, together with AKV|St.Joost BFA graduate, Thomas Swinkels.

Follow their working period here:


Bas van den Hurk

Thomas Swinkels


Solo exhibition Marjolijn Dijkman, Fotokuu Biennal Talinn


MFA tutor Marjolijn Dijkman has a solo at Rundum, as part of the Fotokuu Biennal in Talinn, Estland.
The film installation In Our Hands is based on research into hand gestures that were developed to influence, heal, predict – or ward off – the future. The final choreography includes a range of gestures from diverse sources – from spiritual to political to military – that have become removed from their original context. The film consists of a with motion capture produced animation of two virtual transparent hands. In Our Hands relates to current debates around Artificial Intelligence, it’s often anthropomorphic character and the concept of singularity with a form of super intelligence that we will or won’t keep in control.
 The accompanying sound piece in the exhibition is a composition made of 18 computer generated binaural tones or brainwaves.

The exhibition opens tonight, thursday oct 22, and runs until november 8th.

Politics of Installation II, P/////AKT Amsterdam – opening sat june 13, 20.00 h

MFA tutor Bas van den Hurk exhibits at P/////AKT, Amsterdam with Hans Demeulenaere (B) and guest artists Koenraad Dedobbeleer (B) and Lorelinde Verhees.


“By taking aesthetic responsibility in a very explicit way for the design of the installation space, the artist reveals the hidden sovereign dimension of the contemporary democratic order that politics, for the most part, tries to conceal.” – Boris Groys

Politics of Installation is a two-part dialogue between Bas van den Hurk and Hans Demeulenaere, in which they examine their own and each other’s practice, in order to form a new series of works and presentation models together. After the first part in Loods 12 in Wetteren (B), the final part is now presented in P/////AKT. A combination of new works and parts of the previous show, will be displayed in a new arrangement.

Bas van den Hurk’s work is on the verge between painting, fashion, sculpture, installation, architecture and performance, by which he addresses the process of making in its various forms. Hans Demeulenaere plays with the perception of space. His work consists of objects, constructions and frames which integrate both sculptural and daily elements. In Politics of Installation, a title that is derived from a text by Boris Groys in 2009, the artists ask themselves to what extent the making of an installation can attach certain (political) meanings to a space. How do we relate to a shared space? How do we negotiate its use and meaning?

The binding factor in the work of Van den Hurk and Demeulenaere is the changing relation between autonomy and heteronomy. For this reason, they offer multiple points of view in this exhibition. They invited guest artists Koenraad Dedobbeleer and Lorelinde Verhees to make a contribution, as well as several text writers and especially the audience. In this way, the physical space of P/////AKT becomes a ‘place for negotiation’, where the artists engage in a dialogue on the work and the arrangement of the space. Art work and exhibition element will merge somewhere between showing and looking.

Also, an art historical line will be drawn by means of architectural interventions. Bas van den Hurk (re-)constructs a concrete circular element, based on the work of Belgian architect Juliaan Lampens, who introduced the ‘open plan living’ in the 1960’s. He will also present clothing works in collaboration with Sanne Jansen, paintings and bottles with remains from the painting process. Hans Demeulenaere shows a combination of existing and new work, amongst which a reconstruction of a part of the Sonsbeek-pavilion from 1965-’66, built by Aldo van Eyck. Recently, this pavilion was rebuilt in the sculpture garden of Kröller-Müller Museum.

Politics of Installation, part 2 is the third exhibition in the series Not Making Sense As Something Else, which is reflected upon by Freek Lomme (moderator) and Marnie Slater (writer).

Neighbours Vol. III


Neighbours Vol. III, an exhibition curated by Whatspace, including MFA tutor Bas van den Hurk, former MFA tutor Koen Delaere and current MFA student Giulia Cenci.

Opening 16.04.2015 at Studio Manor Grunewald, Ghent

Keep the fire burning: inhale/exhale trip New York blog


After a great trip in New York, we are back in the Netherlands. Read back on our experiences in New York at the blog of our trip:

High Life Low Profile


High Life Low Profile

A 50 min presence and presentation of participants of MFA AKV|St.Joost


Whitney Museum construction site (Highline, corner Gansevoort St/Washington St.) NYC

Sunday March 22, 4 PM

Participants: Dorina Kappatou, Piffin Duvekot, Adriano La Licata, Marta Maseiro, Maud Oonk, Maarten Spons, Tyas Leeuwerink, Katherina Heil, Mohadeseh Rahimitabar, Nguyen Quang Vinh, Katrein Breukers, Danni van Amstel, Lorelinde Verhees, Thomas Bakker, George Korsmit, Erik Hagoort

(The High Line runs from Gansevoort Street – Meatpacking district / West 34th between 10th and 12th avenues

Map available at both ends of the line). 

You are cordially invited. 

Symprovisation on Art and Empathy & A Lived Practice, Erik Hagoort in Chicago

MFA tutor Erik Hagoort is in Chicago for the following events;
Symprovisation on Art and Empathy:
a Public Rehearsal followed by a Private Performance 
November 5, 2014
Sector 2337, Chicago IL
Featuring Kirsten Leenaars, Jason Pallas, Caroline Picard, Tricia Van Eck, and Erik Hagoort
On the evening of Wednesday November 5th, five people met privately at Sector 2337 for an improvisatory conversation on art and empathy. 
Prior to this symprovisation (symposium + improvisation) a rehearsal took place from 3 to 6 pm. This rehearsal was open to the public. 
Don’t ask questions, don’t give answers. Those two conditions guided the symprovisation. 
During the afternoon the five participants practiced to speak according to those conditions, with which they approached the theme of art and empathy. 
As the gallery closed at 6pm, the symprovisation was created privately, behind closed doors; the piece was recorded and soon will be distributed via digital recording, and only then become accessible to the public.
For conversational directives and more about the participants, see:
Concept: Erik Hagoort
Thanks to Sector 2337 for hosting the event.
Thanks to Threads etc. for throw rug assistance!
And thanks for support by:
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
University Antwerp
A Lived Practice
November 7, 2014
Sullivan Galleries, 33 South State Street, 7th floor
Chicago IL
Kirsten Leenaars and Erik Hagoort will set up a join-in conversation on art and empathy during one of the afternoon “Breakout Discussions”, 2.30-4pm, as part of the ‘A Lived Practice’ symposium. 
‘A Lived Practice’ is an initiative of Mary Jane Jacob for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.