Each year participants devise symposia related to their fields of interest. The symposia attract a broad range of guests from differing artistic fields, including, theoreticians, curators, activists, heads of organisations and of course, professional artists.
For the Symposia series 2010-2011, mfa participants Lorelinde Verhees, Manuel Eiris, Ian de Ruiter, Emy de Rooij and Thomas I’Anson took turns in organizing their symposia.

2. mfa St. Joost Symposium #2 by Manuel Eiris: on Bricolage,
at Casco/ Great Domestic Revolution appartment, Utrecht

Read Thomas I’Anson’s report on the symposium here.
Read the symposium’s central texts by Casco, Michel de Certeau and Manuel Eiris & Fele Borbone here.
Recipes from the lunch here.
Symposium design timetable here.
Pictures of Symposium #2 here

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