5 FALLING, research Emy de Rooij, at De Overslag

Symposium, 11 am – 5 pm, June 15th, at De Overslag, Eindhoven. See also: images. 

The theme of the final symposium of this curriculum was Falling, according to the theory research of 2nd year mfa participant Emy de Rooij.

With external advisors: art critic and curator Saskia Monshouwer and artist Laurent Malherbe.

Georges Bataille regarded the arts as one of the few domains in our society where there was still a possibility of falling: falling into the unknown. Falling for Bataille is not the same as jumping into the unknown. Jumping is your own decision. Falling is something passive, you can’t help it. But maybe you can anticipate it or create a context for it?

The question Emy de Rooij asks in her research: is art nowadays still a domain where you can fall and where this is appreciated? Or has art become just another domain, just another discipline like so many others, in which you follow all kinds of rules and conventions, that prevent you from falling?

– Erik Hagoort, short introduction on the concept of Falling into Thinking of Georgian philosopher Merab Mamardashvili.
– Marc Niessen, short introduction on De Overslag.
– Emy de Rooij: Falling, an introduction to the theme.
Falling Forum: round of examples by everybody on the most intriguing ‘fall’ you ever encountered in the arts.
– Lunch
Falling Dialogues on 2nd year theory researches, with comments and questions external advisors, and everybody.
– Drinks.

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