Images from the Symposium

MFA participant Emy de Rooij (left) with Inge Roseboom from Prima in front of the Prima tribune

View from behind the tribune. (left to right) Manuel, Thomas and Ian arrive to make their preparations.

Inge Roseboom and Mark Weemen of Prima.

Lorelinde Verhees gets the symposium under way.

Mark Weemen explains the tribune project and the Prima philosophy.

MFA Participant, Raphael Langmair presenting his contribution.

MFA Participant, Emy de Rooij presenting her contribution.

MFA participant, Elsbeth Ciesluk presenting her contribution.

MFA participant, Thomas I'Anson presenting his contribution.

The symposium participants stop for a short break.

MFA participant, Nelleke Schiere presenting her contribution.

MFA advisor, Bas van den Hurk presenting his contribution.

(left to right) MFA participant Tanya Long, Elsbeth Ciesluk, Raphael Langmair, advisor Bas van den Hurk and participant Lorelinde Verhees.

MFA advisor Erik Hagoort presenting his contribution.

(top left) Participant Pim Kersten.

End of the symposium. (bottom) Fermented bread drink from Russia: KVAS.

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