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Book launch: MFA AKV | St.Joost presents Functions of Myth

During Super Book Saturday april 18th at Onomatopee in Eindhoven we presented the publication Functions of Myth, made with last years MFA graduates Paulina Mellado, Dimitris Rentoumis, Alexandros Kaklamanos, Yukari Matsumoto and Laleh Firoozi.

The publication was made to partner a group show with the same name, held last year at Club Solo in Breda. Texts are by Thomas I’Anson and the graduates, Graphic design by Stefano Faoro.

Through short presentations, a performative lecture, a poem and the screenings of works, participants explored the works within the pages and beyond.

The publication is available in the bookshop of Onomatopee in Eindhoven, Club Solo in Breda and the academy’s bookstores at both locations of AKV| St.Joost in Breda and Den Bosch.

AKV|St.Joost presents: Functions of Myth

Coming up: Functions of Myth, the publication made to accompany the group show with the same name by recent MFA graduates, will be presented during Super Book Saturday at Onomatopee, saturday april 18th, 16.00 – 21.00 h  functions

The publication will be presented through a o.a. performance, screening and a talk in conjunction with the publication. Dimitris Rentoumis, Paulina Mellado, Yukari Matsumoto, Laleh Firoozi and Alexandros Kaklamanos will all be exploring the works documented within the pages.

Super Book Saturday is an event combining book presentations, art, music and poetry. Besides the presentation of our publication there will be presentations by Griet Menschaert, Zeepblind Collective, and Movement and Centres, a new book by Joan van Barneveld. Find the full program here

You are cordially invited / hope to see you there! Super Book Saturday, saturday april 18th, 16.00 h Onomatopee, Hallenweg 1C, Eindhoven NL

Functions of Myth, with contributions by Yukari Matsumoto (JP), Alexandros Kaklamanos (GR), Dimitris Rentoumis (GR), Paulina Mellado (CL) and Laleh Firoozi. Text by the artists and Thomas I’Anson (UK), who curated the exhibition. Graphic design by Stefano Faoro (IT).

AKV | St.Joost MFA presents: publication Functions of Myth


It’s here! AKV | St.Joost MFA presents: Functions of Myth, a publication documenting the work of last years MFA graduates, presented in the exhibition under the same name at Club Solo, Breda.

With contributions by Yukari Matsumoto (JP), Alexandros Kaklamanos (GR), Dimitris Rentoumis (GR), Paulina Mellado (CL) and Laleh Firoozi. Text by the artists and Thomas I’Anson (UK), who curated the exhibition. Graphic design by Stefano Faoro (IT).

Functions of Myth will be presented at Onomatopee, Hallenweg 1C, Eindhoven NL –  time and date to be announced!


Functions of Myth – Graduation Show at Club Solo, Breda

with work by Laleh Firoozi, Alexandros Kaklamanos, Yukari Matsumoto, Paulina Mellado and Dimitris Rentoumis. Curated by Thomas I’Anson

The final exhibition of graduating artists from the MFA AKV/St.Joost represents two years of research and development by the participants culminating in this common point of departure. It includes performances, readings, discussions and screenings that take place across the duration of the exhibition (19-29 June). Please refer to  ClubSolo’s website for more information regarding these activities


Laleh Firoozi

Laleh Firoozi (IR) utilizes  many traditional skills, as well as writing and performance, has created her own mythology in the project There was a little bit of devil in her angel eyes. Through her characters, she boldly explores her sexuality with pornographic detail provoking questions not only for the audience but also herself.

2. There was a little bit of devil in her angel eyesperformance : There was a little bit of devil in her angel eyes

1. (left) Bloody ocean_ (middle) Land of devil-angels _(right) Land of dream and sex(left) Bloody ocean (middle) Land of devil-angels  (right) Land of dream and sex


Alexandros Kaklamanos

Alexandros Kaklamanos (GR) presents three video works, two of which are formed from personal narratives, mythological symbols and current socio-political issues. Alex uses his body, immediate surroundings and found footage to create these works. They are both hauntingly familiar in their scenery yet dream like in their execution

4. full circle  (video installation)video installation of the short film full circle

1. MiCROCOSM (video still 1)video still of the short film MiCROCOSM


Yukari Matsumoto

Part of Yukari Matsumoto’s (JP) work encapsulates an extensive body of research surrounding the history, hearsay and folklore of one of the largest and oldest trees in the Netherlands. Exploring this subject she has created a new frame of reference for the tree as a cultural marker and elucidated and expanded upon a field of research of social, cultural and artistic significance which transcends its own site-specificity.

1. De Linde van Sambeek #2, Inner Garden (Collective) De Linde van Sambeek #2, Inner Garden (Collective)

3. WereldboomInterview / Stichting Wereldboom


Paulina Mellado

Paulina Mellado (CL) presents works from an ongoing investigation that creates a convergence between natural and artificial forms. Using painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, forms emerge that approach a proximity to nature that entwine these realities into a quintessential view that is both surreal and enchanting.

2.(right) groningenv-(left) stationsweg(left) Groningen     (right) Stationsweg

1. Blind faithBlind faith


Dimitris Rentoumis

Described by Dimitris Rentoumis (GR) as ‘hybridic projections with a provisional effect’, his installations, such as what is shown in the exhibition, engender a feeling of familiarity through pattern and repetition that combine the use of drawing and computer software to arrive at something ambiguous in both form and concept.

1. DripDrip

2. Appearances Appearances


In September to celebrate this exhibition, a publication by designer Stefano Faoro(IT) and external advisor Thomas I’Anson (GB) will be presented in relation to the exhibition and the show’s prevalent themes


texts by Thomas I’Anson

Alexandros Kaklamanos at the Festival Miden – Total Zero

Full circle, a short film by graduating master student Alexandros Kaklamanos will be screened on Friday 04/07/2014  at  Festival Miden * Total Zero in Greece.
Festival Miden 2014 —- Total zero! (10 years Festival Miden!)
 3-5 of July 2014
Othonos square, Historic Center of Kalamata, GR (21.15h)
full circle - video still1
Press Release:
Festival Miden is once more ready to fill Kalamata’s Historic Center with moving images and colorful ideas, presenting once again a powerful program of contemporary videoart from all over the world, from 3 to 5 of July. Celebrating its 10 years anniversary, the festival completes a cycle and sets new goals for the future. In this celebrating event, the festival’s audience will have the chance to meet about 250 videoart creations from all around the globe.

 This year the festival will take place for the first time in Othonos square, making a new start from zero in a new place! Various parallel events, special screenings and tributes will also take place at other locations of the Historic Center of Kalamata (Kallitechniko Steki, dk design studio, Barfly), while REX Hotel’s amphitheatre will host a special retrospective presentation of Festival Miden and a lecture entitled “Unce upon a time there was a festival or Big organizations in the era of crisis” by pioneer Greek media-artist and Professor of Athens School of Fine Arts Manthos Santorineos (3/7).  The entrance is free for the public at all events, as always.

  Invited festivals and curators from abroad this year: Oslo Screen Festival/Norway, Cologne OFF X/Germany, CYLAND platform/Russia and curators  Raffaella Barbato/Italy & Kika Nicolela/Brazil.

Curatorial team: Gioula Papadopoulou, Margarita Stavraki, Martha Zoupa, Maria Bourika, Vassilis Papaefstathiou, Ioanna Dimitrakopoulou-Koutava & Terpsi Kontargyri

for more details:



Functions of Myth


illustration: Laleh Firoozi

Press release:

5 graduating artists from the MFA program of AKV St. Joost present their work at Club Solo, Breda in the final exhibition, Functions of Myth.

The diverse practices of, Laleh Firoozi (IR), Yukari Matsumoto (JP), Paulina Mellado (CL), Alexandros Kaklamanos (GR) and Dimitirios Rentoumis (GR), come together in this exhibition that captures their journeys over the past 2 years and reflects their work in the context of myth making and it’s role in art today.

The exhibition includes performances, readings, discussions and screenings that will take place across the duration of the show.

To celebrate this exhibition, a publication in collaboration with the 5 artists and external advisor, Thomas I’Anson (UK) and designer Stefano Faoro (IT) will be presented at Club Solo in September. For more information about this and the other events in the program please go to ClubSolo.NL

Wellington Underground Film Festival (WUFF) 2014

The short film ‘two little weeks’ of the second year master student Alexandros Kaklamanos will be screened on Friday 16th of May in the Wellington Underground Film Festival in New Zealand.

two little weeks - mnmnt

Press Release

From over 1000 worldwide application there will be shown a fantastic selection of short experimental films in a three day festival, the 15th, 16th and 17th of May at the Wellington film Archive, please see the program here for more details:




XOHOUILLE – opening 29/11/2013 from 7.30pm – WOLKE – Brussels

xoAn exhibition by the master students of MFA AKV|St. Joost Academy from Breda and s’Hertogenbosch, in conversation with curator Emmanuel Lambion. The exhibition is presenting works developed during the last two weeks of residency at W-O-L-K-E.

Participating artists:
Danni van Amstel (NL), Katrein Breukers (NL), Katherina Heil (DE), Maarten Spons (NL), Giulia Cenci (IT), Mohadesheh Rahimitabar (IR), Tyas Leeuwerink (NL), Maud Oonk (NL), Laleh Firoozi (IR), Yukari Matsumoto (JP), Paulina Mellado Neely (CL), Alexandros Kaklamanos (GR), Dimitrios Rentoumis (GR), Marieke Slump(NL)

You are most welcome on November 29th from 7.30 pm at W-O-L-K-E , Vaartstraat 45, Rue du Canal , 1000 Brussels


MUHKADEMIE – Museum of Contemprorary Art, Antwerp

Participation of the master students in the workshop and lecture of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte. Participating Alexandros Kaklamanos , Dimitris Rentoumis, Paulina Mellado Neely and Yukari Matsumoto



What happens when the messy Academy invades the pure white rooms of the M HKA museum of contemporary art? When the cradle and the Valhalla of art come face to face? A temporary no-man’s-land comes into existence, that’s what, offering us an
opportunity to raise questions about both institutions. The artist Nico Dockx and the art historian Johan Pas have invited a range of artists and artlovers, lecturers and students, thinkers and doers to consider the roles of both the Academy and the museum in a changed, post-institutional art world.

To that end, the three exhibition rooms on the top floor of the M HKA become a temporary branch of the Academy. The three spaces take on the functions of archive, assembly hall, and project space and are linked with each other by a flexible, transparent, site-specific structure by the visionary architect Yona Friedman (born in 1923). This structure provides a setting for conversations, classes, workshops, discussions, and presentations over a period of three months.

MUHKADEMIE is a temporary laboratory in which the boundaries between artistic practice, education, and research can be explored. Alumna Ina Leys invited alumni of the Academy to present new works (MUHKALUMNI), while a variety of works of art and documents from the M HKA’s collection are introduced as ‘sparring partners’. During the day, visitors to the museum can observe projects, seminars, and workshops; every Thursday evening there will be public conversations with artists about the interfaces between the museum and the Academy, art and education, practice and reflection.

MUHKADEMIE includes documents, works, interventions, and/ or contributions by, a.o., James Lee Byars, Marcel Broodthaers, Jacques Charlier, Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, Luc Deleu & TOP-office, Extra-Academy, Robert Filliou, Yona Friedman, Jef Geys, Ina Leys, Gustav Metzger, Louise Osieka, Panamarenko, Michelangelo Pistoletto & Cittadellarte, and students and staff of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. The activities are being documented and some will appear, along with other contributions, in book form early in 2014 under the title Pro-Positions. Art and/as Education 2013–1963 (published by Mer, Ghent).


‘Vanguard’ , Action Field Kodra , Biennale:4 ,Thessaloniki Greece

One of our master students Alexandros Kaklamanos is participating in the exhibition ‘Vanguard‘ in Thessaloniki . Curated by Anna-Maria Kanta this specific exhibition will be the event marking the cooperation between Action Field Kodra, the 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, and the State Museum of Contemporary Art.

horizon 600x338

Alexandros Kaklamanos , norizon



New Future | Palazzo Poggi Museum | Bologna, Italy


New Future

January 18th – February 17th, 2013 | Palazzo Poggi Museum | Bologna, Italy

One of the most important goals fixed lately by BJCEM is to decrease the distance between the young contemporary artistic production and the art market, creating and establishing a contact between an audience of professionals and collectors and emerging artists of interest.

The exhibition New Future is a further step in this direction (started with the participation to the Art Fairs Swab and The Others), gathering a selection of artists that we’ve presented last september in Nottingham, on the occasion of the World Event Young Artists. The artists are: Jessica Lloyd-Jones (UK), Zoe Giabouldaki (Greece), Alexandros Kaklamanos (Greece), Martin Vongrej (Slovakia), Muna Amareen (Jordan), Karmil Cardone (Italy), Giulia Manfredi (Italy), Laura Skocek (Austria), Akram Al Halabi (Syrian), Fabrizio Cotognini (Italy), Tzion Abraham Hazan (Israel), Igor Bošnjack (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Moussa Sarr (France).

Organized by the Association Visioni Future, the Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (MAMbo) and BJCEM, curated by the young Manuela Valentini, the exhibition will be hosted from January 18th to February 17th, 2013 at the Museum of Art and Science of Palazzo Poggi in Bologna. The event is part of ArtCity Bologna, the cultural program of exhibitions and institutional initiatives organized at Art Fair 2013.

The artists have worked on site-specific interventions made especially for the occasion and their works want to establish a dialogue with the history of the building. Since 1711 Palazzo Poggi has turned into a very efficient center for research, production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, thanks to the efforts of General Luigi Marsili (1658-1730). Nowadays its rooms, frescoed by some of the great painters of the past (among which Pellegrino Tibaldi and Prospero Fontana) host many cabinets that hold specimens of extinct animals species, archaeological finds and the equipment that scientists used for their scientific and anatomical studies.

The exhibition – which is sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education,Arts and Culture and the Basilicata region – is at the “piano nobile” of Palazzo Poggi. The antique collections will share their space with contemporary works, realized with modern materials: a show within a show, that encourages the visitor to move freely through the rooms in a sort of “treasure hunt” of unexpected work to be found in unexpected places.

New Future
January 18th – February 17th, 2013
Palazzo Poggi Museum

Curated by Manuela Valentini