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Neighbours Vol. III


Neighbours Vol. III, an exhibition curated by Whatspace, including MFA tutor Bas van den Hurk, former MFA tutor Koen Delaere and current MFA student Giulia Cenci.

Opening 16.04.2015 at Studio Manor Grunewald, Ghent

Comrades of Time | Comrades of Time

One of the tutors of the AKV / St. Joost MFA, Bas van den Hurk, is featured in the following group exhibition.

7 Nov 2013 to 22 Dec 2013

at Cell Project Space in London

Comrades of Time Comrades of Time features emerging and established contemporary artists whose work re-negotiates modernism from a renewed position of globalisation, technological advancement and high-speed communication.

Artists: Gabriele Beveridge • Paul Cowan • Bryan Dooley • Koen Delaere • Matias Faldbakken • Nikolas Gambaroff • Wade Guyton • Bas van den Hurk • Marlie Mul • Magali Reus
comrades-of-time.web_Bas van den Hurk, Untitled, 2013, Paul Cowan, Untitled, 2013, 2 Bas van den Hurk’s installation view.