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Authenticity in the Act of Painting

Authenticity in the Act of Painting

On Sunday the 1st of December there was an extensive programme with RijksakademieTALKS: lectures and discussions about topics put forward by the current residents. Jeannoux van Deijck is involved with the talk about Authenticity in the Act of Painting.

15.15- 16.00 | Authenticity in the Act of Painting
Round-table discussion about painting nowadays and the notion of authenticity in contemporary art. Conversation with art historian and critic Camiel van Winkel (advisor Rijksakademie), Giorgos Kontis (artist,writer on the subject matter) and resident artists. Resident artist Jeannoux van Deijck, initiator and organizer of the talk, will introduce the topic. The discussion will be moderated by Marleen Hartjes.

Rijks photo #3”The question of authenticity in painting leads to the notion of a hyper-individual artist, an author that is the dominant figure behind and upon the work.
In this way it is linked to the notion of an act -a process of making- that is individualized and cannot be alienated, a sense of an original, genuine creation that directly stems from and is connected to the maker.

Is the question on authenticity today a residue of the past, something that should have been cast away along with ‘the death of the author’? Or even further, up to which extend is the whole process of making linked to the notion of authorship, and how can both the making and the author be interpreted today? Is, in this regard, authenticity something that can still be questioned? ”