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Symprovisation on Art and Empathy & A Lived Practice, Erik Hagoort in Chicago

MFA tutor Erik Hagoort is in Chicago for the following events;
Symprovisation on Art and Empathy:
a Public Rehearsal followed by a Private Performance 
November 5, 2014
Sector 2337, Chicago IL
Featuring Kirsten Leenaars, Jason Pallas, Caroline Picard, Tricia Van Eck, and Erik Hagoort
On the evening of Wednesday November 5th, five people met privately at Sector 2337 for an improvisatory conversation on art and empathy. 
Prior to this symprovisation (symposium + improvisation) a rehearsal took place from 3 to 6 pm. This rehearsal was open to the public. 
Don’t ask questions, don’t give answers. Those two conditions guided the symprovisation. 
During the afternoon the five participants practiced to speak according to those conditions, with which they approached the theme of art and empathy. 
As the gallery closed at 6pm, the symprovisation was created privately, behind closed doors; the piece was recorded and soon will be distributed via digital recording, and only then become accessible to the public.
For conversational directives and more about the participants, see:
Concept: Erik Hagoort
Thanks to Sector 2337 for hosting the event.
Thanks to Threads etc. for throw rug assistance!
And thanks for support by:
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
University Antwerp
A Lived Practice
November 7, 2014
Sullivan Galleries, 33 South State Street, 7th floor
Chicago IL
Kirsten Leenaars and Erik Hagoort will set up a join-in conversation on art and empathy during one of the afternoon “Breakout Discussions”, 2.30-4pm, as part of the ‘A Lived Practice’ symposium. 
‘A Lived Practice’ is an initiative of Mary Jane Jacob for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.