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QUADRATO – Bologna, Italy

Giulia Cenci , first year student of the MFA AKV/ST.Joost is participating in the following exhibition

INTERNO4 presents:
Giulia Cenci, Giovanni Copelli, Nicola Melinelli, Vincenzo Simone

Opening Friday 24 January 2014, from 21.00 to 01.00
Saturday 25 January 2014, from 12.00 to 00.00
Sunday 26 January 2014, from 12.00 to 20.00
Strada Maggiore 42, Bologna (IT)

giulia quadrato
INTERNO4 is an independent organisation founded in Bologna, where it had its exhibition place for about two years. From its very beginning, INTERNO4 intended to be a place for interaction, in a first moment as living and working space of 5 artists and in a second moment when its started working with other young Italian and International artists, bringing their experience in the city of Bologna.

Over two years INTERNO4 has realized twelve events, working with more than thirty Italian and International artists, which ranged from visual arts to experimental music.

At the moment all the components of the original project continue to work in different Italian and International Institutions or independently.

In the course of the last months, the four members of the group, had different kinds of experiences. This motivated the desire of meeting each other again, both in a physical and an experimental way, and share the new knowledge and stimuli that each of them has gained.

To meet a life and project partner through new eyes, equipped of new modalities of practice; all these factors led to QUADRATO, an event that aims to bring together the different energies of INTERNO4 under a new light.

Each person of the group will bring in the exhibition the result of their work, combining it with the one of the others. The theoretical and practical work of every single component will become the construction material of one big installation. Quadrato is a container, opened and flexible, which will not remain a single event, but it aims to be a new step for INTERNO4, a further prototype of event and tool of research.

Quadrato is a project by Giulia Cenci (Cortona 1988, lives and works in Den Bosch, NL), Giovanni Copelli (Correggio 1989, lives and works in London, UK), Nicola Melinelli (Perugia 1988, lives and works in Bologna, IT), Vincenzo Simone (Seraing 1980, lives and works in Bologna IT), and it will be hosted by VID (VISUAL INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPMENTAL SCIENCES).