A spectacle of consequences


Presentation MFA AKV/St.Joost at Duende/Brak
Opening: Friday, February 24, 2012, 19.00 hrs
Open: February 25 and 26 from 13.00 – 17.00 hrs
Tamboerstraat 9, Rotterdam
Hereby we would like to invite you to the opening of A spectacle of consequences a visual report of a four week working period at Duende’s project space by participants of the MFA AKV/St.Joost.
Pim Kersten
Theodora Kotsi
Tanya Long
Remy Habets
Nelleke Schiere
Elsbeth Ciesluk
Raphael Langmair
Pim Kersten 1980 (NL)
As a drummer who’s dealing with different properties of sound, Pim Kersten dynamically tries to compose the divers materials within his installations. 
By showing an open score that moves within the field of tension between subject and object, he’s looking for the possible creation of relationships between them.
Theodora Kotsi 1978 (GR/NL)
In my artists’ practice I am fascinated by history and it’s meaning in our society, I emphasize on the historical changes that are usually neglected. By setting up interventions in public spaces I try to make people aware of the things that are often ignored. For the project “Het nieuwe warmoezeniersproject” I was inspired by the history of the greenhouses in the village Lent by Nijmegen.  
Tanya Long 1981 (USA)
Tanya Long’s practice is concerned with the making process and the time involved. This is conveyed through actions conducted on specific material. The result of these actions reveal a process in time and emphasizes the material’s unique capabilities and physical status.
Remy Habets 1975 (NL)
Remy Habets’ art practice deals with the (de)construction of and externally inflicted damage to the human body. He draws his ideas from various fictional and real life sources, such as horror movies, images and stories from the news, obscure sites on the Internet, books, video games etcetera. This input serves as a guideline for making works which depict the reinterpretation of violence and suffering, often taking the shape of mixed media installations / sculptures with a focus on both formalistic aspects and estranged narratives.
Nelleke Schiere 1984 (GT/NL) 
I like to experience perspective, for example when I am moving through a landscape. Things that are close to me pass very fast and the further away they stand, the slower they pass by me.
I also like the notion of time and space and how I can fill or reconstruct this. By using the reflection of a mirror I can let space either collapse or open up. Another element that continues throughout my work is the use of colour.
Elsbeth Ciesluk 1986 (NL)
Somewhere between life and work, I am dancing. Endless movements of the body, of a pencil or with words. Trying to make my mind and the struggle of the process visible. With the endurance of a middle distance runner I will paint it white again. 
Raphael Langmair 1985 (CH)
In short I can say about my work that I often combine an action with a material. I like to test physical conditions of matter by implying gestures/actions/movements/processes to it, which ideally lead to something else. Leaving the work in a raw state of flux and possibility. 
Made possible with the generous support of dKC Rotterdam, dienst Kunst en Cultuur and AKV/St.Joost. 

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