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WKNDEXPO, a new series of one-weekend exhibitions in Electron, Breda

Current MFA participant Maurice Nuiten has started a new series of short presentations at de Kopse Kant in Electron. So far he invited Piffin Duvekot, Thom Brand and Helga Jakobson to make a presentation.


Tonight, the first one in the series is opening: 60 c Baumwolle, an exhibition with site specific work. For more info, keep an eye on their website:

The Only Rule is Work

Video by Helga Jakobson, 2016

All MFA participants and core tutors Erik Hagoort, Thomas Bakker plus invited guest tutor Iede Reckman spent a good time in Glasgow last april, 2016. We did studio visits with our colleagues of the Glasgow School of Art MFA, visited Market Gallery for a meetup, Sculpture Studio’s Glasgow and much more.

An important part of the trip was the presentation and event at House for an Art Lover in Glasgow. HFAAL generously hosted us in- and outside of the exhibition space, allowing experiment and working in-and with the moment as it presented itself to us. After the event, the manifestation of Glasgow International opened. Every venue in town was packed with exhibitions, talks and events.

Our trip was aimed at exploring a new place by also giving, contributing to it in making. In the video above you can get a glimpse of how that idea turned into The Only Rule is Work. Thanks to all involved for making it a special experience; participants, tutors, Iede Reckman, Gemma Mannion (House for an Art Lover), Conor Cooke (Market Gallery), John Calcutt (Glasgow School of Art) and their MFA participants, and all others involved.

Onderbroken Stad, Antwerp BE

On march 4, 5 and 6 Helga Jakobson, Marta Masiero, Adriano LaLicata, Thom Brand and Nina Orteu (all current MFA AKV|St.Joost participants) and alumnus Maud Oonk (2015) participate with artistic interventions in Onderbroken Stad.

With the event ‘Onderbroken Stad’ the new Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA) will be launched. ARIA is a collaborative undertaking by Universiteit Antwerpen, Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen en het Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen. The event takes place in the Koninklijke Stadsfeestzaal and beyond in an empty shopping mall, in Antwerp.

For the full program, please check:



All – solo exhibition Adriano La Licata, Von Holden Studio Palermo



Adriano La Licata, VHS 2015

Current MFA participant Adriano La Licata (IT) has a solo exhibition at Von Holden Studio, Palermo – curated by Francesco De Grandi and VHS.

17.12.2015 – 17.01.2016 / Opening december 17th, 19.00 h

“It remains this strange sense of a light and sweet work, so pure it can reach the innocence, but intense and sincere at the same time.”

Francesco De Grandi

Von Holden Studio opens the exhibition season with ‘ALL’, solo exhibition of the Sicilian artist Adriano La Licata (Palermo, 1989), enhanced by the curatorial support of artist Francesco De Grandi, one generation older than him and always attentive to the nursery of artists in the capital.

The exhibition, which opens Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 19:00, is composed by a clear body of work, 3 key moments of the latest research of the artist. It has been preferred to focus on a few elements as specific as fragile, along the balance of the biographical abstraction. Between documentation and ambiguity, amongst a delicate tragicomic vein and a strong meditative propensity, Adriano La Licata investigates – as he describes in his own words – ‘ that sensitive energy which arises between two or more points’.

Von Holden Studio

Adriano La Licata


Maurice Nuiten participates in Ongekend Talent Expo, Affordable Art Fair

Maurice Nuiten, from the series ‘Somewhere In Between’, 2014

Current MFA participant Maurice Nuiten participates in the Ongekend Talent Expo, part of the Affordable Art Fair. All participants are recent graduates and will develop new work for the exhibition. The Fair will be held oct 29 – nov 1, Kromhouthal, Amsterdam – Noord.

More info here

Trip Ghent, 2015


Charlotte van Buylaere, These Things Take Time

At the start of the new academic year, all master students left for a short trip to Ghent. In Ghent, the MFA visited These Things Take Time, an interdisciplinary project space located in the centre of Ghent, and Studio Manor Grunewald as well as collective visits to S.M.A.K. (Lili Dujouri, Jef Geys, Sol Lewitt), Museum Dhont Dhaenens (Proximus Collectie), and Museum Dr. Guislain.

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These Things Take Time

Studio Manor Grunewald

Open Studio 2015: introduction of participants

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-29 om 17.20.20

The 1st years made a small booklet for the upcoming open studio’s to introduce their practice.

You can view the whole booklet here:


Please be welcome for the opening this week, july 2nd 16.00 h, Onderwijsboulevard 256, Den Bosch

The Collection, MFA graduation show at Greylight Projects, Brussels


You are cordially invited  for The Collection, MFA AKV|St.Joost graduation show taking place at Greylight Projects, Brussels!

Danni van Amstel (NL), Katrein Breukers (NL), Giulia Cenci (I), Katherina Heil (D), Tyas Leeuwerink (NL), Maud Oonk (NL), Mohadeseh Rahimitabar (IR) and Maarten Spons (NL).

Opening: july 4 2015, 5 PM!

Greylight Projects

Save the date: MFA Graduation Exhibition, opening July 4th


Coming up: the MFA Graduation Exhibition! We will present our final works at Greylight Projects in Brussels, opening july 4th, 16.00 h. With works of Maarten Spons (NL), Giulia Cenci (IT), Katherina Heil (D), Mohadeseh Rahimitabar (IR), Katrein Breukers (NL), Maud Oonk (NL) and Tyas Leeuwerink (NL). Guest curator is Petra Heck. You are cordially invited.

More info tba!

Don’t you wonder sometimes? (A formulary for a new heterotopy)


(Thomas Raat, ‘Grid’, 2012)

Current MFA student Maarten Spons and graduate Lorelinde Verhees (2011) participate in a group exhibition, as part of the Eindhoven Psych Lab.

Expo curated by Glenn Peeters (Radar Men From The Moon) and Pernilla Ellens. Location: Nulzes, opening June 4, 7 pm, with performances and drinks. June 5 / 6 / 7, open from 11 am – 8 pm.

In Sound and Vision, David Bowie sings about the moment of wonder in place and time, in which ideas and inspiration can emerge. It is this moment of wonder that is expressed in the exhibition, that will show a mixture of works, artists and methods. Quoting from pop culture and philosophy, the exhibition functions as a temporary autonomous zone.
The works are fascinating expressions of individual research and will contribute to the festival ambiance, but in the show autonomy, depth and originality will be preserved. Don’t you wonder sometimes? expands the visual side of modern psych. With Marijn van Kreij, Gaia van Egmond, Thomas Raat, Lorelinde Verhees, Glenn Peeters and Maarten Spons.

You’re cordially invited!

BREWED in Brussels: MFA theory event

On april 30th, MFA students and guests gathered in Brussels for the MFA theory event, hosted by BREW.

The 2nd year students of the Master Fine Art at AKV | St. Joost presented the outcomes of the theoretical research of their studies. This occasion was used to experimentally test the different forms ‘theory’ can take in their work. How is theory related to art-production, how can this relationship be made productive?

Katrein Breukers (NL), Tyas Leeuwerink (NL), Maarten Spons (NL), Danni van Amstel (NL), Mohadeseh Rahimitabar (IR), Katherina Heil (D), Giulia Cenci (IT), Maud Oonk (NL).

BREW is a space in Brussels which organises and hosts events and activities in the field of contemporary art – an initiative by Carolien Stikker and Philippine Hoegen.

Thanks to all students and guests, Philippine Hoegen, Carolien Stikker, Erik Hagoort, Bas van den Hurk, Jack Segbars.

Pictures by Erik Hagoort

MFA AKV | St.Joost Theory Event at BREW, Brussels

workshop Art & Reciprocity _Erik Hagoort

On April 30th the 2nd year students of the Master Fine Art at AKV | St. Joost will present the outcomes of the theoretical research of their studies. This occasion will be used to experimentally test the different forms ‘theory’ can take in their work.

How is theory related to art-production, how can this relationship be made productive?

Location: BREW is a space in Brussels which organises and hosts events and activities in the field of contemporary art.
(BREW Initiators: Philippine Hoegen and Carolien Stikker)

Schootstraat 1, 1000 Bruxelles

11.30 – 17.30 h

Participants: Katrein Breukers (NL), Tyas Leeuwerink (NL), Maarten Spons (NL), Danni van Amstel (NL), Mohadeseh Rahimitabar (IR), Katherina Heil (D), Giulia Cenci (IT), Maud Oonk (NL).

Special thanks to BREW, Philippine Hoegen, Carolien Stikker, Erik Hagoort, Bas van den Hurk and guest advisor Jack Segbars.

Things are cooking in our kitchen: a collaborative project initiated by Maarten Spons


THINGS ARE COOKING IN OUR KITCHEN is a collective project initiated by Maarten Spons, currently a student at the Masters of Fine Arts at AKV / St. Joost in Den Bosch.
Participating artists: Ide André, Dirk Bours, Mischa Doorenweerd, Willem de Haan, Jeroen Jaenen, Willem van Kempen, Ruben Mols, Maarten Spons, Thomas Swinkels
As a visual artist I am interested in the potency of working collectively in relation to painting and sculpture. With this potency I like to refer to a social, every-day logic of continuity which stands in opposition to straightforwardness, singularity, rounded clarity and composition: where there is an expressed potential to search for the possibilities of an image.”    
Maarten Spons.
With this statement Spons refers to a lecture by Jan Verwoert: “Why are conceptual artists painting again? Because they think it’s a good idea.” Verwoert ridicules dominant modernistic logic of temporary logic, which is aimed at a heroic end game scenario. As an alternative he speaks of painting in relation with ritmicity. Painting in which a structure is revealed during the making, and can be seen as a domino effect. It is a way to organize space and time to shift the use of weight in social dialogue. According to Verwoert this method is comparable to the working method of a scratch orchestra, where the musicians support one another with their attention and attentiveness. Through reacting to the sound and noise the others make, looking at the potential of allowing a social logic and structure. This performative working method dismisses the authoritarian logic of an imposed order.
On the basis of the structure and the materials of the kitchen, this group of young artists from Gelderland, Belgian and Dutch Limburg, and Noord-Brabant, some of which study at AKV/St.Joost in Breda and Den Bosch and ArtEZ university of the arts in Arnhem, will build kitchen-sculptures and investigate them through painting.
The kitchen is an archetype, a place that plays an important role in the coming together of people. The book “Counter Space” published by MOMA gives a beautiful description; ‘The kitchen is a: meal machine, experimental laboratory, status symbol, domestic prison, the creative and spiritual heart of the home which is also the most dangerous place of the home.’
It is interesting to me that kitchendesign has become one of the last public places where the forms of modernism and the modernistic forms of minimalism are articulated so clearly. I also see the kitchen as an archive, and a place of sensory work.”    
Maarten Spons
Presentation: Thursday April 16 at 7:00 pm
GreyLight Projects, Burgemeester Kessenplein 1 Hoensbroek/Heerlen

Neighbours Vol. III


Neighbours Vol. III, an exhibition curated by Whatspace, including MFA tutor Bas van den Hurk, former MFA tutor Koen Delaere and current MFA student Giulia Cenci.

Opening 16.04.2015 at Studio Manor Grunewald, Ghent

Keep the fire burning: inhale/exhale trip New York blog


After a great trip in New York, we are back in the Netherlands. Read back on our experiences in New York at the blog of our trip:

High Life Low Profile


High Life Low Profile

A 50 min presence and presentation of participants of MFA AKV|St.Joost


Whitney Museum construction site (Highline, corner Gansevoort St/Washington St.) NYC

Sunday March 22, 4 PM

Participants: Dorina Kappatou, Piffin Duvekot, Adriano La Licata, Marta Maseiro, Maud Oonk, Maarten Spons, Tyas Leeuwerink, Katherina Heil, Mohadeseh Rahimitabar, Nguyen Quang Vinh, Katrein Breukers, Danni van Amstel, Lorelinde Verhees, Thomas Bakker, George Korsmit, Erik Hagoort

(The High Line runs from Gansevoort Street – Meatpacking district / West 34th between 10th and 12th avenues

Map available at both ends of the line). 

You are cordially invited. 

Petros Orfanos in De Situatie, PuntWG Amsterdam


Current MFA student Petros Orfanos presents De Situatie, a series of events at PuntWG, Amsterdam – the first situation will happen at March 18th – 19.00 – 22.00 h.

de SITUATIE zelfst.naamw. (v.)
Uitspraak: [sityˈwa(t)si]
Verbuigingen: situaties (meerv.)

Voorbeelden: `de politieke situatie in een land`,
`Er ontstond een gevaarlijke situatie toen de auto door rood reed.`
Synoniem: omstandigheid

Petros wil zeggen dat hetgeen zich aandient ‘situaties’ zijn. Een situatie is een geheel van omstandigheden waarin iemand of iets zich op een bepaald ogenblik bevindt.

More info here

Inhale / Exhale: MFA study trip to New York

We are looking forward to this year’s study trip, coming up in less than a week.

A busy program is to be expected: studio visits, lectures and meetings. We started a blog to share our activities and encounters in NYC! Please take a look at

Je kunt het spel niet met iedereen spelen – interviews in The Cucumber Temple

Peter Nijenhuis interviewed the students that take part in The Cucumber Temple, currently on view at Expoplu, Nijmegen.

Firstly: an introduction and Danni van Amstel about her contribution in the exhibition.

The Cucumber Temple is een tentoonstelling in de Nijmeegse Paraplufabriek van zes studenten van de masteropleiding Fine Art van AKV/St.Joost, geïnspireerd op een gelijknamige tekst van Martijn in ‘t Veld. In de associatieve en ogenschijnlijk van de hak op de tak springende tekst van Martijn in ‘t Veld spelen de kleur groen, meerduidigheid en gedaantewisselingen een hoofdrol. Hoe hebben de zes studenten onder begeleiding van docent en curator Bas van den Hurk in hun bijdrage aan de tentoonstelling de tekst van Martijn in ‘t Veld verbonden met hun eigen onderzoeksvragen?


y0 3

Een masterstudent Fine Art aan Sint Joost dient na ongeveer een half jaar een onderzoeksvraag te schrijven die dienst doet als rode draad tijdens de rest van de tweejarige opleiding. Wat is jouw onderzoeksvraag, of beter gezegd het onderwerp dat je met beeldende middelen onderzoekt? 

Ik heb daar een tijd naar gezocht. Voorheen maakte ik werk naar aanleiding van een bestaande plek. Het was, zoals dat heet site specific. Na dat een tijd gedaan te hebben, voelde ik de behoefte om meer op zich staand, zeg maar sculpturaal werk te maken. Wat me bovendien interesseert is hoe ik de beschouwer bij mijn werk kan betrekken en, bij uitbreiding, hoe mensen überhaupt bij ruimte betrokken raken. Dat bracht me erop om mensen te interviewen die aan het verhuizen zijn. Ik vond die mensen via mijn kennissenkring en sociale media. Ik ging met ze mee als ze hun toekomstige woning voor het eerst bekeken. Wat waren hun ideeën en plannen als ze het zo zagen? Ik ben nu bezig om daar een publicatie van te maken. Wat uit de interviews naar voren komt, is dat veel mensen op de nog lege ruimte die ze zullen gaan bewonen hun gewoontes en verlangens projecteren. Die gewoontes en verlangens hebben veelal hun oorsprong in hun eerste ervaringen, het dagelijkse bewonen van een vroeger huis met het gezin waarin ze opgroeiden. Dat is voor mij een belangrijk gegeven. Het ondersteunt wat over het onderwerp van de menselijke ruimtebeleving en de poëzie van die beleving is geschreven door theoretici als Gaston Bachelard en maakt die theoretische benadering ook begrijpelijk en concreet.

Wat heb je voor deze tentoonstelling gemaakt?

Ik heb heel simpel gekozen voor de kleur groen als uitgangspunt en in Nijmegen op straat naar scherven groen glas gezocht. Het glas heb ik gesmolten in een glasoven. Daardoor zijn de scherpe randen van de scherven vloeiend geworden en de onderzijde van de scherven plat. Het smeltproces is evenwel  binnen de perken gebleven waardoor aan de bovenzijde de oorspronkelijke vorm nog steeds herkenbaar is. Je kunt nog altijd zien dat een stuk glas bijvoorbeeld afkomstig is van de schroefdraad van een fles.

Het werk en het hele idee spreken me aan, maar het is klein en ligt, als iets onbeduidends bij een putje. Ik stond er zojuist al per ongeluk in toen ik met iemand anders stond te praten. Dat mensen je werk niet zien of vatten, is niet denkbeeldig. Hoe doorbreek je dat?

In hoeverre is er iets te doorbreken? Ik zei al dat ik het me interesseert hoe je de toeschouwer aan kunt spreken en kunt betrekken bij je werk. Ik doe dat onder andere door me te verdiepen in hoe mensen in dagelijkse situatie bij ruimtes betrokken zijn. Dat spel wil ik met mijn werk nadrukkelijk aangaan, maar ik denk dat je dat spel niet met iedereen kunt spelen, hoe jammer dat ook is.

website Danni van Amstel

All text and images copyright Peter Nijenhuis. Read the full text here

The Cucumber Temple – Expoplu Nijmegen opening feb 28 20.00 h


Danni van Amstel, Katrein Breukers,Tyas Leeuwerink, Maud Oonk, Mohadeseh Rahimitabar, Maarten Spons

Curator: Bas van den Hurk

A group of young artists, currently studying at the Master Fine Arts AKV / St. Joost, developed a concept which connects to the project ‘Tijd, Subject en Ruimte’ (Time, Subject and Space) of the Belgian artist Stijn van Dorpe, which was shown at Expo Plu, a dialogue with the text of Martijn in ‘t Veld is entered. This text is more than a beginning, middle and an end, rather, it is organic and rhizomatic along the lines of Mille Plateaux of Deleuze and Guattari. An organism, which grows, proliferates, of which the beginning and the end could be anywhere.

It is a text with different voices and rhythms, to which each artist individually sought rapprochement, where the text influences the exhibition and vice versa. The green screen from the text becomes a plane in which a moment of potential is present. It offers an open moment, it ‘performs’ an invitation.

The exhibition will be curated by Bas van den Hurk, tutor at the Master AKV/St. Joost. There will be a small publication alongside the exhibition.

more info here

Coming Up: The Cucumber Temple, Paraplufabriek Nijmegen opening 28.02


Coming up: The Cucumber Temple, an exhibition inside a text by artist Martijn in ‘t Veld, by current MFA students Danni van Amstel, Tyas Leeuwerink, Katrein Breukers, Maud Oonk, Maarten Spons, Mohadeseh Rahimitabar, curated by Bas van den Hurk. – opening sat feb 28, 20.00 h

Building Up an Exhibition, opening nov 2, 15.00 – 22.00 h



In conversation with Marnix van Boetzelaer

Is the exhibition an autonomous instrument for showing and sharing art? Or is it rather a dependent and “prepaid” device? Or does it offer a subjective and personal reading of the artwork?

A group of artists, currently following the master Fine Art at AKV St. Joost, are getting together with curator Marnix van Boetzelaer in De Slang, Amsterdam. During this meeting they will create a dialogue about the function of the exhibition and discuss questions they share in common.

Reflecting on these questions, they are trying to gather a deeper understanding of the power of displaying work and the purpose of an exhibition. For this evening, the intention is to start from questions, doubts and possibilities to think, instead of bringing about a statement. Nevertheless, they might find some answers in the process.

During the opening event, the exhibition will be built up in combination with discussions between students and curator Marnix van Boetzelaer. Together they will make decisions, selections and investigate possible ways of presenting their work, striving towards a final result, which will be presented during the weekend.

Opening friday NOV 21, 3pm – 10 pm
De Slang Spuistraat 119/ Amsterdam
With: Maud Oonk Danni van Amstel Katrein Breukers Giulia Cenci Katherina Heil Tyas Leeuwerink Maarten Spons Mohadeseh Rahimitabar and Marnix van Boetzelaer
You are cordially invited!

Guest lecture and studio visits Alex Bacon (US)

Alex Bacon 3Alex Bacon

Alex Bacon

This week writer, critic and curator Alex Bacon (NYC) was a two-day guest lecturer at the MFA.
He studied art history at Princeton University where Hal Foster was his professor.
His main interest is ‘abstraction’ in the broadest sense of the word. That means as well the (art)historical references as the contemporary art in which this plays part.
Unique about his position is that he is in close contact with a lot of artists, especially with a young generation of abstract painters in New York. He’s not a writer or critic that stands on the sideline but really involves himself.

Open Studio – Online Catalog

download : online catalogue Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-28 um 17.17.46IMG_6598 IMG_6599 IMG_6600

Functions of Myth – Graduation Show at Club Solo, Breda

with work by Laleh Firoozi, Alexandros Kaklamanos, Yukari Matsumoto, Paulina Mellado and Dimitris Rentoumis. Curated by Thomas I’Anson

The final exhibition of graduating artists from the MFA AKV/St.Joost represents two years of research and development by the participants culminating in this common point of departure. It includes performances, readings, discussions and screenings that take place across the duration of the exhibition (19-29 June). Please refer to  ClubSolo’s website for more information regarding these activities


Laleh Firoozi

Laleh Firoozi (IR) utilizes  many traditional skills, as well as writing and performance, has created her own mythology in the project There was a little bit of devil in her angel eyes. Through her characters, she boldly explores her sexuality with pornographic detail provoking questions not only for the audience but also herself.

2. There was a little bit of devil in her angel eyesperformance : There was a little bit of devil in her angel eyes

1. (left) Bloody ocean_ (middle) Land of devil-angels _(right) Land of dream and sex(left) Bloody ocean (middle) Land of devil-angels  (right) Land of dream and sex


Alexandros Kaklamanos

Alexandros Kaklamanos (GR) presents three video works, two of which are formed from personal narratives, mythological symbols and current socio-political issues. Alex uses his body, immediate surroundings and found footage to create these works. They are both hauntingly familiar in their scenery yet dream like in their execution

4. full circle  (video installation)video installation of the short film full circle

1. MiCROCOSM (video still 1)video still of the short film MiCROCOSM


Yukari Matsumoto

Part of Yukari Matsumoto’s (JP) work encapsulates an extensive body of research surrounding the history, hearsay and folklore of one of the largest and oldest trees in the Netherlands. Exploring this subject she has created a new frame of reference for the tree as a cultural marker and elucidated and expanded upon a field of research of social, cultural and artistic significance which transcends its own site-specificity.

1. De Linde van Sambeek #2, Inner Garden (Collective) De Linde van Sambeek #2, Inner Garden (Collective)

3. WereldboomInterview / Stichting Wereldboom


Paulina Mellado

Paulina Mellado (CL) presents works from an ongoing investigation that creates a convergence between natural and artificial forms. Using painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, forms emerge that approach a proximity to nature that entwine these realities into a quintessential view that is both surreal and enchanting.

2.(right) groningenv-(left) stationsweg(left) Groningen     (right) Stationsweg

1. Blind faithBlind faith


Dimitris Rentoumis

Described by Dimitris Rentoumis (GR) as ‘hybridic projections with a provisional effect’, his installations, such as what is shown in the exhibition, engender a feeling of familiarity through pattern and repetition that combine the use of drawing and computer software to arrive at something ambiguous in both form and concept.

1. DripDrip

2. Appearances Appearances


In September to celebrate this exhibition, a publication by designer Stefano Faoro(IT) and external advisor Thomas I’Anson (GB) will be presented in relation to the exhibition and the show’s prevalent themes


texts by Thomas I’Anson